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Conquer Every Ride with Gaerne G.TUONO Road Shoes

Elevate your performance and comfort with the Gaerne G.TUONO Road Shoes, designed to exceed your expectations on every ride.

Unmatched Breathability:

  • The G.TUONO's upper features strategically placed perforations in various sizes. This G.Air ventilation system maximizes airflow, keeping your feet cool and dry during intense efforts or hot summer days.

Microfiber Power:

  • Constructed with a lightweight, yet strong microfiber material, the G.TUONO provides a supportive and comfortable fit that conforms to your foot shape.

BOA® Fit Dial System:

  • Experience micro-adjustable precision with the single Boa® L6 Dial Z closure system. Fine-tune the fit for a secure and comfortable ride, eliminating pressure points.

Power Transfer Efficiency:

  • A stiff and lightweight Eps Light Carbon Fiber 8.0 sole ensures efficient power transfer from your legs to the pedals, maximizing every watt you generate.

Unwavering Stability:

  • The integrated non-slip heel keeps your foot securely in place, preventing unwanted movement and optimizing power transfer.

The Gaerne G.TUONO Road Shoes are the perfect choice for cyclists seeking:

  • Exceptional breathability and comfort
  • Precise and micro-adjustable fit
  • Maximum power transfer
  • Superior stability
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