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TT5 Time Trial Saddle

TT5 Time Trial Saddle

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The Selle SMP TT5 is a high-performance cycling saddle designed for time trial and track cycling disciplines. It is ideal for riders with medium to wide pelvises, measuring 141mm wide.

Here are some of the key features of the Selle SMP TT5:

  • Central Channel and Eagle Beak Tip: Designed to relieve pressure on the perineal and urogenital area, preventing numbness and discomfort on long rides.
  • Memory Foam Padding: Provides excellent comfort and support, even on rough terrain.
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel Rails: Choose between lightweight carbon fiber rails or durable stainless steel rails.
  • Genuine Leather Cover (Black) or Microfiber Cover (Colors): Provides a luxurious feel and a grippy surface.

The Selle SMP TT5 is a great choice for cyclists who are looking for a comfortable and high-performance saddle for time trial and track cycling.

Gender: Man, Woman

Sit bones width: from 11,1 to 14,0 cm

Use: Time Trial / Track

Type of bicycle: Traditional

Padding level: Thick

Dimensions and weight

Width: 141 mm - Length: 251 mm

With AISI 304 rail: 320 g

With carbon rail: 265 g

Materials and colors

Padding: Foamed elastomer

Cover: Real leather (black), Microfiber (colored)

Body: Carbon reinforced nylon 12

AISI 304 rail: AISI 304 stainless steel tube Ø 7.1 mm

Carbon rail: Unidirectional carbon fiber 7.1 x 9.0 mm

Colors: black, white

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